An Alliance With Death


N8W 5T7
42° 16' 5.4912" N, 82° 58' 54.8688" W

The darkest of nights within it emerges death himself. The night seems to become one with him as he walks towards me. He is like the moonlight so white it glows. I had expected his face to be nothing more than revolting but surprisingly he was beautiful. His eyes so blue like ice reflected in razorblades. It was so difficult to look away. No wonder so many people are led to their graves by him. His mouth was turned up in a breath taking smile. Without thinking I began to walk towards him, drawn to his every movement. It was like watching perfection yet he is everything pain and loss is about. In these last moment I knew I'd soon be dead. I followed him infatuated, and now I'm with death. Dressed in a blood red gown beside him. My life spilled out and on display. Death took me by the hand and said his vows to me. With his kiss he stole away my last breath and led me down beneath. Now here I lay in his grasp forever belonging to him. But Death is not all that bad he brought me freedom and he even brought me peace. Don't be afraid Death will only lead you to an end that is a new beginning.


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