All you have to do

You have me chained to your wall,

mouth dry like desert sand 

but all I can do I wish for the pleasure 

you give by torture 

the pressure of your thumbs 

making indentations in the soft skin on my neck 

choking and ensuring that I am lightheaded.

You are my master

my beautiful tyrant whose face I haven't seen yet 

whose lipes I haven't met yet 

but whose tongue I have owned since I could pronounce your name 

we are all insane here 

maniacallyrising until we fall 

and still climbing 

elegantly as if we were 

a crescendo coming down to start the cycle again.

Ravage me 

pillage this body until you've had your fill 

and I am left sick from consuming the sweetness of your flesh 

heavy and thick left on my palate.

I still hunger.


I am a mess,

quivering at your feet 

tender from the long nights of remembering 

how you came for me 

and bared your stark naked chest 

without blemish 

and marked the place where your heart was 

and asked me to touch it.

I swear terror never felt so good 

and that blood couldn't rain fast enough to match 

my quickening Armageddon;

that Lucifer held breath for the many seconds 

I searched your sundered carapace and found Heaven

in the brokeness and the wreckage.

I died a thousand deaths 

and begged for it again; to be overcome with your madness.


Beat me until I have been shattered by your hand 

until I am writted in boldface 

screaming your name 

raving and cravinf the touch of your fingers.

My eyes bloodshot and beholding where my wrists have been cut

where you have escaped onto the paper

spelling ou pain is splendor 

In scarlet letter 

tethered to the line 

with vices that are welcomed as virtues 

here is where the poem begins. 


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