Mon, 10/23/2017 - 15:19 -- ddorty

All summer 17  like we living in hell.
Bodies after bodies either dead or in jail.
Hashtag after hashtag LONG LIVE OR RIP.
 but it seems we only living for a repeat.
Same situation different person,
Who we repping now?
"thou shall not kill"
But they gotta use weapons now
body bags and caskets
Gotta watch who you step around
Never know if your time today
I guess that's why they stressing now
Booking black bags and white boxes all because of pride
All of the good died
Way before they prime
Prayers go out to each and every family
Prayer for the better, justice, and a lot of sanity
Mothers bury children that's not how it's suppose to be
Flip the switch and change direction
Only for the better
I'm Trying to make it out so that's all I ever tell her
Lord protect us ,guide us we can stop the kill streak
What happen to "love thy neighbor", you know the way it's supposed to be
"Thou shall not kill "
Y'all we gotta put the weapons down
Mothers shedding tears I pray for no more stressing now


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My community
Our world


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