All of the Stars

City lights and pollution covered the sky. Will he ever see the stars glimmer through his brown eyes? He was lucky to see the moon. Most nights helicopters and airplanes had taken over where stars were supposed to loom. He looked out his window everynight expecting a different result, but the stars were always a no show. He would steal his science books from school and at night he would study the constellations before going to bed. He imagined the Big Dipper that helped guide Harriet Tubman to freedom as a bowl to eat cereal out of. He imagined Orion's Belt as an accessory to use to hold up his pants. He wanted to see them all. His parents sent him on a camping trip so that he could see more than skyscrapers, taxi cabs, and human jammed streets. He hated camping because it was out of his norm, but when night fell the stars began to take form. His eyes were stuck to the sky! If he could had he would of loved to fly to try to touch them all. "Can anyone believe this!" He thought to himself. No other kid that was camping seemed flabbergasted by the sight in the sky. Fireworks are flashy, yes! But these lights do not fade. They are evergreen. He jumped! He cried! He screamed! The 10 year old boy would remember this his whole life. Lights in the night. He held his heart tight to see if this was an alive moment. In the words of Charlie, "In this moment we are infinite." And infinite he felt, indeed.

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