Sun, 11/29/2020 - 15:04 -- ruthucc

Have you ever thought what goes through a man's mind when he see you for the 

first time ?

Oh well it goes like this, they look at us and say she got body and looks with ass i 

gotta make her mine.

Men only look at the outta appearence of what they can see through there eyes.

Not really trying to get to know us so when things dont work out ,they act as if it's 

a sudden surprize.

We are worth more than our looks, but only a real man would know that and dig deep.

But the street men just like to pick and chose woman like we are in a field of sheep.

Beauty is a added addition for men who is blessed to be with a woman .

Cuase her beauty will be his strength ,in the future with all his short comings....




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