All Of Me

Too much

Too much makeup

Too much perfume

Too much effort


All my life I’ve been told

To try harder

But not too hard

Am I doing it right?


Shiny, blonde hair

Perfect hourglass figure

Cherry red lips

Porcelain skin


Nothing like my midnight locks

Chocolate skin

Fat rolls

And a thin pucker


What is the essence of allure?

Is it the image everyone wants to see?

Thin, long legs on every screen

The epitome of beauty


I’ve been told I’m too fat

You should smile more

Those jeans are too tight

That blouse seems snug?


I stare at the face back at me

Barely recognizing the expression

My tired dark eyes

That should be blue


My wide hips

That should be narrow

And my elongated nose?

A fraction away from perfect


Countless hours in front of the mirror

Perfecting the body outside

When I should be focusing on

The spirit on the inside


Find your own disposition

Mend your heart

Forget about their wandering eyes

Forget about their pejorative stares


No makeup

Or a full face

Whatever I desire

It’s my prerogative


Let your hair down

Buy the yellow sundress

Feel the sand in-between your toes

Feel the sun pulsating on your neck


Let your body breathe

Let your soul speak

Forget the world for a moment

Focus internally


For I can have the pink cheeks

I can have the thick thighs

I can have the brown eyes

Because it’s all of me


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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