All that Jazz

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 11:11 -- BecKa

The music begins and I get this little smile

I haven't herd this type of music in quite a while

The trumpet begins its bee boppin beat

Everyone all at once is dancing in the streets

Jazz - the true American music it was born here

What I wouldn't give to listen to it all day

It's always playin' down there in Nawlins - all in the daytime and all through the night

And when you hear that music playing do you know what I am saying it makes you feel allright !

Jazz... you cannot help but love that swing, the rythem - the life

and even though Jazz has become a lost art I pray for the day where it become number 1

Jazz is my favorite type of music --- its full of life and it has nothing to loose - so kick off those dancing shoes and listen !

To all that jazz ...



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