For All It Takes Is A Simple Smile

I rise in the morning,  a smile upon my face

I look out to the world and realize I'm in love with this place

Although my smile crooked and yellow

I show off my dimples anyway, and say a happy hello

I greet strangers as I pass them by

All with smiles that reach their eyes

I realize the world is full of lonliness and sorrow

But its filled with happiness on the morrow

I know that I cannot help them all

But my smile can catch them before they fall

And when I lay me down to sleep

The world grows quiet, not a single weep

For I have made someone happier in a way

My smile calls for happiness the next day

I may not be perfect; but I am flawless

My smile is my source of happiness

I can make people's day with my dimpled grin

And they know that they can let me in

For all it takes is a simple smile

To makes someone's day worthwhile




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