All I Really Need

All I need

Is a little more time.

All I need

Is a flashback to the wintertime.

When the weather was cold

And the air was brisk.

This is all I need,

A reminder of my happiness.


My happiness has been gone

For a little while,

It's practically been gone

Since I was a little child.

That was the last time

I felt true happiness.

The one thing I need,

The one thing I miss.


This darkness,

This sadness

Has taken over my soul.

It's gotten worse and worse

And my heart has gone cold.

The only time I feel happiness is in the winter.

It's where I feel normal

It's where there's no splinter.


No splinter in my heart

To remind me of my pain

No splinter in my heart

To remind of that chain.

That chain that holds back my happiness

And keeps me from being who I really want to be.

Who I want to be

Is just someone that's happy.


This is all I really need

Just a flashback to the wintertime.

The one place where I'm me,

The one place where I can see

That all I really need

Is to be happy.

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