All I Needed Was a Facetious Everything

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 00:33 -- Luke-S

All I needed was…



Chapter 1



Sew me higher than my ambitions

I give up needing less and ask for more

Inhibit my desire for

Feelings rather than actions

Leading to actual facets

That could get me out of the trap that

Kept my mama in tragic

Situations less than good

Oh God

Not feeling right

So pass the pipe

And take me to a devil I hold dear

Sanctify my fears

And keep the holy warmth inside me

Lie to me

Lie to me

Lie to me

Lie to me


Deadbeat daddy thoughts die

Amen alright


Chapter 2



I’ve been on the ball like Annabelle

Diamond Rings sing Ban-the-bell

Spin the Earth like Carousels

But keep it shush like kiss and tell

So I can have mine off shore

Swiss accounts say rock these swatches

Deeper sink inside these pockets

Make me better than my neighbor

Make me different pick the locket

Make them less make me “blessed”

Make the sin I won’t confess

Confetti for the criticism

Bugatties for the cynicism

Lobbies for my lobbyist

Hobbies for my pinched grip

Bobbies for my hair clips

Besties with accountants

Go ahead and count this

Tally up

Each etch made on our souls

Each effort for fool’s gold

Amen I’m in



Pt. 1

God’s greatest gift was a curse

Disguised as blessing

If you believe in such things that is

The power to choose

Pt. 2

With the power to choose I decided

To give my power away

I decided to bide my time

I decided to tithe my strife

With a tenth of my soul

I was left with less than whole

Pt. 3

I saw the man I gave my power to

I saw what he did with my choice

I saw him use my voice

My vices were his and his mine

And with you and yours

He was greater

And I was less

We were less


And we would do anything to have ourselves back

 Chapter 4

I was being facetious


Convinced that all we needed to live

Were drugs, money, power

I longed for more

I could live without drugs

With the holy warmth of fellowship

I could live without money

With the holy warmth of fellowship

I could live without power

With the holy warmth of fellowship

I could not live without you

Grasp me in your infinite

Teach me benevolence

While I don’t understand your wrath

I will always be in awe of your love

And though your path is paved with great sorrow

It will be my choice to follow

And you gave me that

You gave me I

And you are I am

And I am yours

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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