All I Need In the Sea

Through the cloudy night I can see the moon shining

It’s like a dream with the moon and stars and the things I’ll never tell

Adding a breeze with the stars flaring in sky as they are is perfect timing

And at this moment I could almost swear all is well.


Nearly nothing could keep my focus as of now

Not now as I contemplate the things I’ve yet to fully unveil

Honestly these secrets have been given away but only as I allow

Bits and pieces never to be sewn together to reveal


These secrets which I blatantly hide in the stars

I am so surprised what I need, it can’t be seen

In how I point to the moon in the car

These secretive fears wash over me while, I am still quite green


The things I hide are fears and I hope they come from a point of craze

It would be lovely to know everything is sound past this haze

And now I know this is exactly what I would need

If I would ever wind up stranded in the very vast sea


This feeling of wonder and calm in knowing everything will be alright

Even if everything is not between you and me

I could happily stay at sea with all I need for all my nights

Content in this peace, I will forever be


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