All I Need Scholarship Slam- The White Horse

Some say, that fateful day, that we were meant to be,

the little white horse and me.  

Some may say I saved his life, but I must disagree,

for it is the little white horse that saved me.

My path was dark, my heart was hurt, I was on my knees,

and without that little white horse, I would no longer breathe.

Slaughter was in his future, his life was looking bleak,

that little white horse, he needed a reprive. 

I knew when I first saw him, he would soon be mine,

that little white horse came home in my trailer that night.

We had our troubles, fights and struggles, he would not give in,

but soon the little white horse began to learn again,

what it means to hold a rider, what it is to love another,

that little white horse became a champion and a wonder. 

And though I may have saved his life, it would be easy to aurgue,

the little white horse did the same for me, he washed away my sorrows.

And when you ask what is the thing I could not live without,

I can say, "The little white horse," of that there is no doubt. 

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