All I Need Is A Purpose

The human experience is the resonance 

In a world of fragile, sinking ships

Where waves of emotion catch you unbidden

Their permanence lost, forgotten, hidden


You can curse the waves that pull you under

And wonder if you’re torn asunder

Will the paradox of pain and joy

Be worth the past's and future's ploy


Down and down and down, you drown

Alone it seems, but not un-found

Emotion you bear will be your strength

Lay rest your heart and soul to take


For the sting of woe lives short despite

The scars on hearts, a short respite

To the feelings that float on the wings of change

Hurt turns to love and love is strange


But love it seems was worth the swim

So claw your way on the island

No cares for what was lost on by

No, turn your face up to the sky


Without purpose there is no drive to point

No promise of understanding here to anoint

Humanity gives us the need to survive

Purpose demands that we stay alive


So thank and pray for what you’re worth

A laugh, a tear, no need to search

Purpose and drive make all of the difference

With each dream you create human experience 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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