All I Need Is My Memory

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 00:19 -- JACK10

If in an island I must stay

I won't have much to take

Just my memory

To keep my sanity

To stay as a human

To not be ruined


My mother, father, and brothers

I would like to stay with them forever

But just remembering being with them will bring me joy

I don't need a toy

I don't need a match for light

With my memories I know I will be just fine

I wouldn't want to forget

All the time we had spent

With one another

staying together


To forget them would make me a dreadful person

I don't want to hurt them


No matter how hard I cry

How much I feel like I'm about to die

Knowing that I brought smiles to them is enough

To make me feel tough

No matter if the fierce storms mock me

I know I will always be me


With them in my head

I will fight instead

I won't lay in despair

I won't be scared


I know I will survive instead

For I wouldn't want to be dead

For I have a reason to live

I will have negative thoughts in my head

However, I'll have my family waiting for me

Waiting to love me

Hug me

And cry with me

To be a happy family

To live happily

This poem is about: 
My family
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This is me expressing what I believe what I would do if I were in an Island, and what I would like to take with me. I feel like my memories are important becuase, without my memory I would be completely lost. It's like when your a child and you want to give yourself a different name. You just aren't use to the name you are given, and you want to choose one just for yourself. You don't want anyone to change you. However, once you grow up you make mistakes. With the mistakes we learn from our pain there will be someone in your family who will relieve you from that pain. It doesn't neccesarily have to be every time you feel down, but most of the time they are there for you. As the oldest in my family, I find it difficult to discuss to them, for I fear that I will give them more problems. However, thanks to them they have allowed me to succeed in my life, and I plan to keep succeeding for them, and for myself. 

I drew this picture about a month ago. I call it "Angel of Hope." 

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