All I Need: Me, Myself, And Uncertainty

I see a sweet girl, skin porcelain and pale

Her eyes, they’re so piercing, they tell their own tale

Her doll-like complexion and ebony hair

The sound of her laughter is filling the air

I want to know her story, see through her eyes

Deep green like an emerald, but dim when she cries

Her jubilation halts and I explore

To discover the reason she smiles no more


Her discontent is not solely due to pure sadness

On the inside she’s filled with cheer, even gladness

Unfortunately for her she is truly quite ill

But it’s not a sickness you can cure with a pill

Drugs may in fact help the feelings subside

They won’t treat it, however, just make it easy to hide

Her mental disorder is consuming her life

She lets it continue until she learns how to fight


Each day, at least once, a thought comes to mind

One even time’s test cannot undermine

I whisper “don’t worry, this too shall pass”

Without reassurance I’m sure I won’t last

Although at times with reluctance, my fears do subside

I’ve learned to conjure the beast where my horrors reside

My fear’s name is uncertainty and he dislikes the unknown

Gaining control of him restores comfort in being alone


The girl learned when it feels she’s been pushed to the limit

Time will go on, apprehensions dwindle, give it a minute


One idea that is vital to ensure my content:

I know this shall pass, and with it, anxieties soon end.





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