All I Need is Masada

I am in the middle of a hot, dry desert about to hike up Mount Masada.

I have that gut feeling.

The afflictive feeling I get

when a challenge is front of me.

I am in Israel, a land of many challenges.

My coach tells me I have less than 45 minutes

I know this will be another one of my challenges.


         I think about my first step into junior year at my new school.

         I think about the first test I took, the first test I had ever failed.

        With the next step I take, I get closer to the scorching sun.

        I studied earnestly for the next test - another F.

       The heat here on the mountain is like the scorching feeling of embarrassment

I look below me and I look above me.

I will continue steadfastly up Mount Masada


A few more steps-- I find my newfound confidence.

A little bit higher--

I find the possibility of becoming a new version of myself

Driven, perseverence, capacity to form new relationships.


I am almost at the top of Masada

The Jews here chose to commit suicide rather than fall into the hands of the Romans

The battle was not only waged with weapons, but also with the human spirit.  

I like my ancestors, will choose my path.  

Masada is a place and a story of perseverance, power, ambitions, and tragedy.

Though the rigor of my high school changed and I almost let it defeat me,

I realized I will always be faced with mountains in my life;

I now know I am capable of climbing them.

Masada is my story.


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