All I Need Is Imagination

Accompanying the vital needs that is necessary to live,

is an element that I cannot bear to part with.

The gift of imagination is one that is bound to outlive,

for just about everything we know started from imagination and its pith.


If I were to ever have my imagination taken away from me

Then that would be the end of who I am as everyone knows it.

Though not many may fully agree,

All I will ever need is my imagination to make my personality emit.


The ability to create fantasy through the mind,

I believe it is a special power.

It is one that most others have to or choose to leave behind.

I hold it near and dear to my soul and let my ideas grow like a wildflower.


My own history with this concept began like no other,

But with the progression of time did I notice its capabilities of rescue and hope bestowed

On not only upon others that have felt stuck or small but rather,

on myself in situations where I have been in a forlorn mode.


Through mere imagination was my whole nature and life replenished,

And I know very much well that without it then there would no substance of me.

I would be but a walking shell of a character diminished.

Therefore, I look forward to anytime where I could let my mind wander and flee.


I am not ashamed to admit that I sometimes hold the psyche of a small child,

With the amount of time I spent searching the many crevices of my mind

As an escape from the inevitable bearings that reality has piled.

And everything I can create within my head doesn’t come with a bind.


I enjoy having the option to make up as many worlds and ideas as I want,

And being able to change or add on to beloved or unwanted stories concepts and situations.

I love the freedom that comes with the safety with being your own confidant,

In which no one can judge your made up outlandish plots and unlikely relations.


I try to harness the power of imagination to my advantage.

I take my time to dream, daydream, and so on to create a textual masterpiece.

I try my best to write down what I can manage,

And for the parts I can’t then I simply leave it in the depths of my mind at peace.


Imagination is what makes my world keep spinning,

For I have already had my past and present engulfed in the joys of imagination.

It only makes sense that I include it within my future just like the beginning,

And have it drive my writing career where I can produce exciting creations.


All I truly need in my life is my trusty imagination,

For I can create my own perfect world around me.

I can pick and choose the environment around me as well as the nation.

I simply cannot bear to part with and live without the mind’s fantasy.

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