All I Need is a Good Word

Romance is dead, and poetry buried beside it

Lovers no longer are roses by many names, but the vixen of a song

Classics are branded a bore, the modern is too formulaic

Free form is "sloppy"

The iambic is "predictable"

Poetry is dead, killed by modern expectations


Literature is in decline

"How-to's" and Sparknotes taking place of adventure and experience

Prose for pros 

Publication for award rather than enjoyment

Combatting each other blow for blow

Books by brutes


Unamused as I may be, I cannot live without it

The same story I read, though different names suffer the plight

The same verse I hear, though they are similar in recite

I live on the power of words, publication, and message

I live for it

I cannot live without it

Poetry is dead, and by it I lay

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Our world
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