All I Need Is A Friend

On a snowy day

When the world whispers white,

No one makes a sound.

Text messages are silent, subdued.

How funny is it that a phone call could send

The wrong message, right?

A phone call uses our voices

That we've since ceased using.

We've allowed our voices to become silenced

When thoughts are calling out to be heard.

But that would require being brutally honest

With the ones we love,

With ourselves.

But that would be too much.

Because we've told ourselves we can't be personal,

Out of fear.

We can't ask how someone is doing

Out of fear that we might have to do something about it.

We can't say we love someone

Out of fear that we might not be loved back.

We can't say we miss someone

Out of fear that we might never see them again.

We can't say we're not okay

Out of fear that we really aren't okay.

It is in this way

That we stop talking and start isolating.

We hide ourselves behind a screen

Only to post on meaningless social media,

Silent cries for help.

We all feel the same feelings

Yet cannot do anything to help one another.

All I need is a friend.

It's not so hard to open up when

Everyone is a victim to vulnerability.

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Our world
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