All I Need

if I were to wake up,


with sand snuggled in between my toes

and only waves to wave hello to,

I would not wish for a cup that can't be emptied

or a stomach never left unfilled.

no, my heart would long for more

my soul woul wish for eyes.

eyes that had seen sunsets kissed by the moon,

eyes that had watched that very same moon be pursued by the stars

whom were then chased by the sun.

I would wish for eyes that saw beauty in this beastly life

eyes that saw flowering plants in desert sands,

eyes that saw every stormcloud lined with silver.

I would wish for eyes that saw love when they looked in the mirror.

eyes that never looked down when they met their reflection

eyes that could see beauty in their own irises.

I wish for eyes that saw the world

not for what it was

but for what it could be.

I wish for eyes that outshine the stars they love so much.

eyes that cried tears of joy

eyes that saw the best of life.

I would wish for eyes that could see.

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