All I Need:

They say all you need is water, food and fire to survive,

but what about love, affection and support?

I need someone to tell me i'm worthy, and tell me everything will be alright.

I need a hand to hold when I can't hold on to myself.

I need someone who makes me feel safe even when I turn off the light.

I need a man who will tell me he loves me and most importantly even himself.

I need someone who will help me see the stars even on the cloudiest of nights.

I need the memories I have in life not to just be about how I lived life, 

but about who I lived life with. 

They say all you need is water, food and fire to survive in life,

but what about the struggles, 

what about the fights?

Life has it's ups and downs,

it's smiles and it's frowns.

But life is full of dissapointments and suprises.

When life is rough I look to the sky,

and realize even on the darkest nights the sun will rise.

Food, water and fire are important, 

But what about when you can't find the strength to get through the day and night?

I would tell you...

All you need is love to get through the fight.




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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