All I Need

If I had the chance to be alone for the rest of my life,

I would not take it.

My heart is infused with another,

and it beats for two.


Two does not mean

infant, baby, embryo;

Two means

human, lover, friend.


People say

it is impossible to form a connection

so deep, so sure.

That true love does not sprout

until you are on the path

of the 'American Dream'.


True love sprouts in unexpected places.

For me, it came from every corner of

the social studies room, the convention hall

the living room sofa, the bedroom

the restaurant, the movie theater.


We have been connected since the day

we first laid eyes upon one another.

Our hearts have beat as one for four years.

This is what I cannot live without;

The embrace

the scent

the emotions

of my lover.

The only person on this Earth

who understands me


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