All I Need

As I look out,
All I see,
Are waves crashing,
Keeping me

Far from home,
Missing normality,
My head is spinning,
Losing my mentality.

I miss those arms around me,
Holding me tight,
Keeping me safe,
Helping me fight

My inner demons,
Ready to attack,
Not much left
To hold me back

I miss those smiles,
Brightening my day,
Laughing, Giggling,
Slowly fading away,

Far from reach,
Halfway around the world. 
My family waits patiently,
My nightmare unfurls.

Longing to see them,
My husband and kids,
I'm stuck on this island,
Heaven forbid - 

I'm giving up,
losing hope, 
Not sure how I'll make it. 

But then I close my eyes,
And hear their voice,
My heart aches,
Then I remember my choice:

Leave this island,
and travel back home,
Or stay in the darkness,
and eternally roam.

The darkness surrounds me,
I'm scared and alone,
Lost on this island, 
For a time unknown.

I'm not sure I'll see them,
If I can break from these chains,
But I'll swim off this island,
Determination runs through my veins.

My husband needs his wife,
My children, their mother,
It's time to go home,
One step after the other. 



This poem is about: 
My family


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