All That I Need

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 15:03 -- k.quinn

Sometimes there's a water hole that never runs dry

Or a refridgerator that doesn't go out of food

For me that is one thing

One great, powerful, wonderful thing that I don't tire of


It is the food that nourishes and supplies me 

The sweet nectar that is always running plentifully from the hive

My hands may ache after grasping a pen for so long

My eyes sometimes tire for looking at a piece of paper or a computer screen for as long as I do

Yet I hunger for more and more

And do not stop hungering

A hunger that is quenched only by means of transferring my heart to paper

Listening to the whispers that my heart makes to my paper

Hearing what I cry for


That is all I need

Take away my phone, my material items, anything I so greatly value

And I will scream at you to leave my notebook and pen in my possession

That notebook and pen you threaten to toss away into my trash can

They are all I need

They listen to and write the lyrics of my life

The sad songs and triumphant mantras in between

I have all I need in my hands

As I write you this poem.

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