All I Need Is...

Stranded on an island…

Only water all around…

I guess I’d want something

To get off and travel around.


Stranded on a boat now…

Oh golly gee how neat…

I guess I’d now want something

Satisfying to eat.


But seriously though… if I was left all alone

With only the thoughts in my head

The one thing I’d need to keep me going

Is my pen and a notebook of red.


For with this paper and with this pen

I can invent anything I would like.

A friend to talk with, a city to go to

A flying car, a sub, a bike.


I’m so happy thinking

About all the words I’d knock out.

The only problem with what I need

Is what happens when the ink runs out.


Oh no! I found another problem!

The paper is almost gone!

No paper, no ink, no hope at all

Oh where did I go wrong?


I guess I could need my laptop

But what about when it dies?

I’d sit around with no way to charge it

And that would probably make me cry.


Okay so next…what do I choose?

A friend? A pillow? Some food?

Some clothes? A book? A drink? A song?

What do I have to lose?


I guess all I need isn’t as simple

As what I what I thought it would be.

With all these material possessions to choose from

I guess I only need me.


Oh wait! I’ve decided! I know what I need!

Let’s celebrate! I’m no longer swamped!

The thing I need…I mean really need…

Is more time to finish this prompt. 

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