All I need in my life is Confidence, but how do I know this? 

I have never felt confident in my entire life. 

A fat little girl that I once was still seems as though she lives inside me. 


But maybe she does since I lack confidence. 

But maybe she does because I walk around with my head down. 

But maybe she does because when I look in that mirror I see that sad little girl. 


But maybe she does because no one popular looks like me. 


However, as I have grown older I have learned that my beauty is still beautiful. 

Maybe I am not blonde. skinny, or typically pretty,

But I am me and that is beautiful. 


Now I walk with my head held high, my shoulders straight, and back elongated. 

Maybe I do not possess true confidence that I long to feel,

But I possess desire. 


The desire to be the woman that that fat little girl has always wanted me to be. 

So now today I walk as if the halls are a runway and I dress as if I am the model. 

Because without confidence I would always be scared and sad,

and that is no way to live. 

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