All I Need

To some it lies absent

invisible to the Earth

some things you cannot see

nor can they be heard

some things can be felt

rather than seen

the unseen is a beautiful thing

if you look closely



these are the things I cannot live without

a tear of sorrow soon pulled away by the bliss

Reassurance arrives 

these are the things I cannot live without


A crazy occurrence to some

peace to me

Strange to others

love for me


In a cold yet positive wind it arrives

the fiery beat I do despise

however I need them both by my side


The mothering nurture it provides

gives me the strength I crave

the power of I

what gets me through the day


To some it lies absent

I do not bother to explain

some can only see it

some cannot

some just need to open yet another eye

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I hope you enjoy. :)

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