All I Need

Oh, sister, we are bound by blood eternally
An ocean separates us but I can still feel you here with me
Why, at night, do I have nightmares, and not dreams?
Because, dear sister, you are all I need

Amber eyes, amber hair, amber skin
Polar opposites if not for kin
You ask me, "Why do you call to me once again?"
And my simple reply will be as it has always been

Must I spend my whole life without you by my side?
Where will you be when all of the seas have dried?
Because, at night, on the shore where I lie
All I can do is await the riptide

How long must I wait for you to join me here?
When I hear the squawk of birds, it is your voice I wish to hear
And as I close my eyes, escapes a single tear
Because tomorrow will always be my biggest fear

I lay my head and close my eyes
I thrash in the night and await the sunrise
When at last they open, your face forms in the sky
And that is the moment when I feel most alive

I can feel the need of you deep in my core
With every dream of you, I wish and wish for more
The voices in my head ask me, "What are you waiting for?"
I am awaiting the day you step foot upon the shore.

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My family
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