All To Himself

The follower slides down the mountainsides,

of pale glory, traveling amongst the lines to paradise

Singing sweet melodies into the caverns, dancing along the edges

As the sides speak into the air, what a voice to endure, one of gold


Following this path to the promise land,

of decadent sparkling tan, dazzling the surfaces

Kissing the grounds he walks on, for he knows where he lies is too special

While the follower seeks for the jewel, only to find a cave full of diamonds


Sauntering throughout the forbidden grounds,

allowing the floors to embrace his every move

Seeing that the stars are as green as he imagined them

That the clouds are as beautiful as he pictured them to be


The follower gazes into the sky,

taking in every mountainside, every curve, every edge

Breathing in every floral, every sweet poison

Feeling every crevasse, every bump, everything


He intakes all that he is on, all that he has,

and sees, that with every mountain, every side, every edge

As he gets lost in the stars, in the sea of sparkling hypnosis, singing to the air

How lucky he is, to be in this world, to know such a sight

All to himself



-Chloe Aldecoa


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