All Eyes on Me


We moved from the part of town with the thugs and gangsters to the part with front yards and mailboxes


My father was a taxi driver so whenever he would come home I would ask him who he met today


I learned to kick a soccer ball, but mommy said never into Mr. Mike’s lawn


My dad lost his job today. I heard him tell my mom that his boss couldn’t keep employing a Muslim at a time like this


My birthday party was fun; I just wish Marissa’s parents would let her come


I made a new friend today. She told me we could only be school friends though, her mom didn’t like Muslims. With that  was okay with that


Ms. Johnson asked what 9/11 was. I didn’t know.  Josh pointed at me and said it was my fault. Ms. Johnson and my class started laughing so I did too. Josh is so silly


I decided to start wearing my hijab just like my mom; she says god will bless me in the long run, I might not see it but it will come eventually she told me.


Someone yanked my hijab off today and called me a terrorist, everyone laughed.  I cried non-stop in the bathroom stall, thinking about what my mom would say


Some new black people moved in next door, but Emily and Cindy had U-Haul packing everything in their house from the ceiling to the floor


At recess today someone spit in my face and told me to “go back home.” I told my teacher and she said “maybe you should sit out during recess tomorrow, for your safety that is.”


We got pulled over today. My father forgot to turn his right blinker off. The police shook him down just in case he had any explosives. Why would they assume that?


My mom explained to me the dangers of talking back to police. “No standing in group with your other Muslim friends.” “It might look suspicious.”


My math teacher told me that I didn’t have to wear the “durag” on my head anymore, that I was safe here. As if I was being forced to. I took it off.


On the news, another unarmed black boy was shot by the police today. Why don’t these boys just listen?


I was followed around Walmart today. I was told that it looked like I hid some chips in my scarf. I guess they just want to be safe


Donald Trump is running for president. He doesn’t want me here and neither does anyone else. It would be best for everyone if I me and my family would just disappear.


One, two, three, all eyes on me. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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