All the beauty in the world...

I look to see something past the tears

I look to see something through these fears

But in a world so blinded to good and right,

where must I find the love and the light?

Through my inner turmoil, pain, and blame

where is the right path through this numbers game?

We count the steps and forget the past

and forget those important things that last

The past, the pain, the game; none of it’s the same

when you open your eyes and step from the flame.

You learn to not close your eyes to the bad

but to open closed doors to find the glad

We need to find a way to explain

that there is beauty in this world that will not wain

No, all the beauty in the world is falling

around us in rays of light still growing

Yes there is pain and yes there is blame.

And we know we can’t always fight the shame

but to step out of the frame and live life,

to raise our faith to fight the endless strife.

We know we can keep moving through the fears

although there will be some horrowed tears.

Life is a balancing act now and then.

Still we learn to not give up again

We keep moving, still walking or crawling

to find our place and keep us from stalling.

The world's not all bad if we open our eyes

to the awesomeness in goodness revised.




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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