The All American Flag


The All American Flag

Some months have gone by

since we said goodbye

I salute to the all American flag

with pride and goals on the line

my rugged box is filled with letters

letters that I treasure

some are simple

some touch the bottom of the Caspian Sea

clams filled with love and passion

jewels shining bright with


My only concern is the question that lingers

is this reality or is it just another play?

Romeo and Juliet

Each lover dies, nothing else to say

Can this so called “love,” a figure of clay, be

easily destroyed, easily broken, easily interrupted

Or in a sense of hope this figure of clay

will be put in a kiln

to be indulged with


Integrity and excellence

You will stay near and dear to my heart

While we stand hundreds, maybe the thrilling thousands, of miles apart


feels like 1969

to the moon and back

I salute to The All American Flag


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