Alive And it is All Awesome

Obsessing Over Obstacles to Often!

Plagued by Puzzling Problems!
Adjust to Absorbing the Abundance of Awesome!
Captivated by Campfires, Candy, Canoeing, and Colors Colossal!
Life's List of Lavish is to Long to Label Losses!
Big on Balloons, Baseball, and Beautiful Butterflies that Blossom!
Pardon me for even being Pleased to Pardon Pungent Possums!
Accepting to the Accumulation of leaves, Alluding Attention to Autumn!
Forgive me For Favoring Friends and Family, they are Flawless!
Passion for Positive People, Photography, Playing Piano, even t-shirt Pockets!
Appreciate that we Are not An Anchor, and there Are Airplanes to Austin!
Besides Baked goods in Budapest there is Boisterous Breezes in Boston!
So Satisfied with Snowflakes, Soap bars, Sailboats, Soft beds, and Sausage!
Can't Close ourselves in Cages and Calculate Challenges, Call it too Common. 
Cease this life without Complexities of Continuing with Caution!
Alive And it is All so very very...AWESOME


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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