Alice Upsidedown

In life, I have often found, that the answer
Cannot exist, in some version of "happily ever after."
So, the far off stars, I have long stopped wishing upon.
And since, it's never existed in any place that I have gone;
Maybe, it is only a script, in a movie scene,
Where we all, just pretend, that we truly believe,
But honestly know, it's never quite what it seems to be..

But I do know one thing-
I'm not following a white rabbit,
Into some dark place,
Without any trace,
Of the chaos, it may bring.
Some may call it madness,
And perhaps, I've simply, a bad habit;
Of holding onto empty, dead end, dreams;
While, they taunt at me, from the end of a string..
And yet- I will never stop, reaching out, to grasp it.


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