To Alice Paul


United States
34° 26' 1.7628" N, 118° 30' 56.124" W

It was for our freedom that she fought
Our suffrage, rights, autonomy
Until her expression was brutally shot
With the bullet of misogyny.
This was not the end, she refused to eat
Force fed raw eggs, her lips tore
And they could harm, and they could beat
This prisoner of our war.
And all her sisters starved as well
In hopes that hunger strike
Would open ears so they could tell
The horrors of our plight.
Thank goodness her words could show them the truth.
I thank you, Alice, from the voting booth.

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I love this poem and I especially love that it is about Alice Paul. I am working with a nonprofit organization to create community discussion boxes on issues like women's rights. We would love to use your poem in our community box, but what get permission from you to do so. Is that something you would be willing to give us? I am more than happy to provide more information and examples of our racial diversity box and the poem we chose to include in that kit if you life. Again, we are working on creating a women's rights box and would like your poem to be our poem for discussion. 


Thank you,

Jodi Ide

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