Surrounded by verity and scream and pull my face
I wake into madness
I feel safe again but its creeping creeping
my screen of lunacy is slipping breaking
Its will only be so long before the normality erases me
Cant the bizarre prevail ?
Its creeping creeping
try to shut it out try to shut it up
slipping breaking shouting screaming
Can this frenzy save me?
from the grey ,the usual
I wake into madness
I feel safe , im leaping plunging into the outlandish , darkness
Chasing chasing my quaint dreams
End this endless
I want to end this normality will you cry with me ,will you die with me
lets end this endless normality
I can never be like you I can never think like you masses
My heart only beats for the next drop of madness, ask this
cant the bizarre prevail?
I want to end this



This poem represents my struggle with my mental illnesses that ive learned to embrace and personify



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