Alcohol is the devil's way of making your life toxic
Don't succumb to the ways of drinking; Your life will become the next news topic
Alcohol will turn you away from the person that you really are
It's better to be sitting in front of a desk than in front of a bar

Alcohol is one of many of the devil's spells; Don't allow him to cast one on you
He will trick and deceive you only if you give him the opportunity to
The devil is a magician with many tricks up his sleeve
There's no telling what he can do and what he can make you believe

Alcohol is the river which allows him to flow into the lake of your thoughts
He now sees what you're thinking and now he's figuring out how he can get you caught
Don't build the boat which will let him travel the seas of your mind
You can't drown your pain and sorrow; Comfort and peace is what you must find

Alcohol is the acid that breaks down and digests the things that once made you full of life
Alcohol can change your mindset of what's truly important in your life
Alcohol is the rain that floods your mind with empty visions
Its purpose is to destroy you; If you let it, it will accomplish its mission


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