A is for Alcohol


United States
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A is for Alcohol the substance you were drinking
B is for Busted, the party you were at was busted
C is for Cops who broke up the party
D is for Driving, what you decided to let my sister do
E is for Emergency, the call I got to tell me she was dead
F is for Family, the one you tore apart because you gave her the keys
G is for Game, you thought it was all just a game
H is for hurt, the hurt you feel is nothing compared to mine
I is for Injustice, that you didn’t say no and now I love without my sister
J is for Jail, where you should go for ruining my family
K is for keys, the ones you handed her because you thought she “wasn’t that drunk”
L is for Loss, not mine but hers, the loss of life and all she had worked for
M is for my Mother, who lost her baby
N is for Next time, for my sister there won’t be a next time
O is for Only, the word that stood in front of one to make it only one drink
P is for Promise, the one you must make to just say no
Q is for Quiet, the sound we now all hear
and R, S, T, U and V,
W, X, Y and Z, they all hear it too.
But it only takes a second to change this alphabet
Absolutely not!
Back away it is
Careless to
Drive it is
Elixir for death, it isn’t
Fair to mom and dad
Get away from the car, you’ll cause
Hurt to yourself and others it is
I who as the power to say no, I don’t have to
Justify taking your
Keys for the sake of your
My conscience will be clear because I know I said
Not even
Only one drink will cut it. I
Promise I’ll keep your sister safe, there will be no
Quiet here
and the R, S, T, U and V
W, X, Y and Z will be there to witness the change in my alphabet to keep a family from becoming
one less.


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