There was a girl who desperately wanted to fly. She desired it more than anyone could understand. So she forged some wings out of some worthless things like pain deceit and hurt, hoping it could work. She put on her wings and as the journey got longer the weight of them began to set in. "What's wrong ?", the wings asked. "Isn't this what you wanted ,you knew what I was, don't act so disappointed." So the thing that had once made her feel so weightless was now the thing that cast her down. Her flight had become a miserable crawl, but still the wings clung to her, and all this time the wings grew, and the girl who once flew, was no more. The wings called to her, "Why don't you fly anymore, you have me now, what am I even here for? You carry me like a burden and your hands cling to the street, have I not given you enough power to even stand on your feet?" The girl who use to fly lifted her head and realized what she needed to do. She clipped her wings, and the girl who thought she needed wings to fly, took off into the air and proclaimed, “Don't u understand it was you who needed me and not I who needed you.”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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