Air I Breathe

When waking to the dawn is within my grasp

I still scream as the nightmares stalk past

My heartbeat frozen, jaws open and choking

The air I breathe slips away too fast


Can you find her hiding? 


Which of my desires has not surrounded me

With the echoes of my enemy?

My voice is woven and then it is broken

By the sweet and fickle air I breathe


Can you hear her laughing? 


Arrogance collects rent from the mouths of men

My tongue is the sword that slays me and my friends

The words I have spoken drown me in their ocean

They swallow me, the air I breathe lets them


Can you feel her insanity?




Oh courage, my child, while you walk on through

The thorns and storms and wars of youth

Cry out to heaven, your soul shall awaken

By the time the air you breathe leaves you



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