Air (All I need)

All I need is air
Undeniably the most important thing
But there's something different
About the air that I need

My air is my space
When everything is crashing down around me
And the world is caving in on me
How the hell am I supposed to breathe?
When life has me by the neck
Grasping tightly with white knuckles
The blue draining from my eyes
Turning a grey
While the rest turns red
And my face,
God my face,
Someone mace me for the same results
Step back

My air is my love
When I don't see you
For days
And then I get to look up
And my eyes meet yours
Suddenly my lungs fill with flowers
And though you make it hard to breathe
I am never not alive around you
You are my air
My sun
And my Earth

My air is my music
I inhale the meaning
Exhale the lyrics
And I can breathe again
Even in the toughest of times
Music comes around 
Wraps it's gentle arms around my heart
And fills me with relief

My air is my pets
When I'm breaking down
Curling into the corner 
Of my 10ftx12ft wreck of a bedroom
Clothes scattered across my bed and floor
Missing shoes
And they come up to me
Lick the tears off my aching face
And give me the compassion
That no one else could possibly provide
And I hold them
And breathe

My air isn't anyone else's
My air is mine
And though we all breathe 
And breathe the same oxygen
Oxygen is not my air
My air is all I need.

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