Ain't No Sunshine

Solitary confinement is considered the worst type of punishment and cruelty any human can endure, and yet I punish myself. Isolating myself from the outside word, embracing total solitude.
Causing me to live in my own mind.
Just thinking.
Constantly thinking.
Being alone, feeling alone
Clouded by so much negativity.
Searching for a way out
Always a way out
But I can't keep running,
I can never run too far, before it all comes rushing back again.
I lay awake, but am waiting to be woken up from this reality that has become far too much..
Time just passes by, and I within the motion
Waiting for tomorrow, waiting for my chance to overcome all these problems
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, but Tomorrow never comes...
When will this end?



"Time just passes by, and I within the motion." This is a strong summation of the poem, and I consider this line to be the integral heart of this poem. If one passes not within time, but with time as it flows, time becomes endless, stretching out the hours of the self-imposed solitary confinement. This is a well-worked poem dealing with something to which everyone can relate and take comfort from.

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