ahh, childhood memories...

mommy and daddy started yelling 

they banished me and my sister to our room

we cover ouur ears to mask the shouts

we hope this will all end soon


the cops got caled again

two or three inside my house

they talk to mommy and daddy

i sit, quiet as a mouse


mommy began dissapearing

she was only "sick", daddy said.

but  days became weeks and the weeks dragged on

and i couldnt make the connections in my head


one night at my grandmas, her face looks cold

and she admits to us in despair

"mommys sick..we need to go pick her up"

nobody told me where


at the walgreens across down

was mommy, feet bloody and cut

daddy shouted at me, told me not to look

i just wanted her "better" so much


one night daddys not home and mommy

takes me driving, a bottle by her side

she says the cops are coming, 

and that we need to hide


the cops did pull us over

and mommy stepped out of the van

a man dressed in black said we had to leave

to the station...so i took his hand.


i didnt see mommy much after

"shes away getting 'better"' they said

but id want her do hold me like it was before 

to sing to me softly and kiss my head...


once i was visiting her in a "hospitle"

it was dark and dreary, i think...

i rememer binging her food and things she wanted

often hearing "i need a drink"

nothing worked, she always escaped 

the heeling process and effort it took

when the drop of liquid slid past her lips 

she wouldnt give them another look


untill we found a place

WINNR was its name

they said she needed to leave for a while...

from me, they took her away...


months went by,til one day daddy said

we could write letters to our recovering mother

no phonecalls or anthing other than writing 

but her words provided comfort like no other


shed draw us pretty pictures, of mirmades and castles

and fold them in with the enveloups she sent

"im getting better baby, miss you so much"

more than anything to me, she meant


then one day, we saw her there,

smiling for the first time in so long

feeling her soft tender hug brought tears to my eyes

nothing had ever felt less wrong


the story does not end here, however

the worst of it was done

3-6 man, those were the years i wont forget

 oh isnt chindhood fun



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