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(poems go here) Lakes of hate
Tears falling
Splashing oceans of fears
Ground filled sorrow
Grass of growing pain
I hold down my head as depressed rain

Trying to prove happiness
Through a tumbling soul
A fooling happy exterior
But a grey and white stormy night occupied interior
Frustrated with ongoing resolutions for a better me
With mountains of joy and valleys of freedom

Orbiting planets
Regions take in hurt
Produced through ignorance
Of seeking my life’s purpose
But I cannot do it alone
Because the tree of life and the fruit of love
Has been bitten by me
And though it is a sin
This sin is trying to be more than what she is destined to be

Life’s pursuit of hope to be what a young lady should
Has no success within me because I refuse
To be labeled as one thing
When I know that I am more
Than what you think I strive to be
So the sky is the limit
As I cut the vines of the jungle
That my life holds

Life’s pursuit is nothing more
Than the mere aches and pains
That I continue to allow it to be
So I’m letting go of this rocky mountain
Of anger and displeasure
And climbing the snowy Appalachians
That’s full of pure bliss and honor
To show my gratefulness
Of life’s pursuits which are teaching me the roles
To move these stones of hurt
To form a wall of happiness
For life’s pursuits.

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