Agony Of Despair

Despite my beautiful dreams, despite my hopeful heart, despite my faithful life, i found myself in the midst of failure.fearful that i my journey might end up in defeat.

After years of working and striving so hard....i was left behind.
My hopeful heart, my faithful life and my beautiful became blind!.

My hopes were born, where the stars never twinkled nor the lights necer brightened. Even when i try to feel alive, by feeling the strive, the hunger in me left pain on my side.

I felt so alone....i felt so dry. With the feeling of despair, i was drowning in my tears filled with righteous pain.
I was longing to escape my fears but the sadness that grips my mind gave me the darkness and thought of suicide........

Razors and risk created a new hell filled with agony for me. My hearts full of scars, created a new life full of pain for me. I objected my own authority. I objected that the truth was my property.....

Despite the hopes and faith filled words my surroundings gave to me, my doubts were closing in. I felt empty..... i became acquainted with paina and death, I tasted loneliness. The distortion of men hurt me and now i hurt myself.

I was residing in fear as if bricks of despair was what formed my residence... i was cut off from my dreams, chained for my visions. I became a captive for my hopes and faith. "IT IS FINISHED" i said to myself..........

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