Can't stand the two day day's Seems just hopeless, to recovery of this tortures agony that seems to slow time for no reason other than to have you continuously in there agony.. Day and night” skips all but wont skip pain”. Not even a stamp to try is a good enough try. I'll bitch and ill scream . ill leap and Roll. But thats because im in fkn agony can u see. Easy it must to be you all u fkn do is stare, and stand there like troll. Can u fkn go elsewhere. Instead of just fkn there. Louder than his! QUIET! You WHYNER. I HAVE TO STARE AT YOU” HEAR YOU” AND BE THERE forever. And you won't ask me’ why i never stop crying your a bitch next to me¡!.

This poem is about: 
My family
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