of all days 

people decide to go out today

ignore the fact there was a snowstorm

people were indeed in dumb mode

lacking sensibility horribly

morons dressing up like a drunken santa with liquor on his hand

when you unscramble santa

it's really satan

no wonder dress code is red

don't let the white streaks and black boots fool anybody



the occasion was a great cause

it was about helping families with needs for the holidays

i applaud the idea

it is about helping out

poorly organize

nobody didn't knew who was who

nobody didn't knew what was going

i was getting really aggravated

but i try

i got a list of items for families

when it was done

i waited on the aisle in assuring that items were checked off

it was so chaotic that i left

do me a favor, please do not invite me next time


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