Ages and Time

I have heard tales and people say
That I wouldn’t be too limited if I had a large range of friends with epic experiences.
Friends? Yeah friends
But I got a question for you
Will they break me make me?
Crazy adventures and high expenditures.
Income less after Christmas and I got to scream holy Jesus.
As a girl I chose writing over makeup, because even those with the prettiest makeup still get to break up.
Talk of eye-opening revelations
From sophisticated insults
Of ancient tales from worthless tongues
Or of priceless foods for thought
From words of the least thoughtful
Concerning my furs and claws
And how they could have been my greatest asset yet
If only I'd ended my rapport with a pack
Of unseasoned Wolves
And begin hunting with a pride of experienced Lions

I mean friends with lion hearts?
They say

But I got questions

Fearless and Courageous
Friendless and heartless

The ones that break me
or make me.
Take me on crazy adventures
with irrationally high expenditures.
That renders one income less
and after Christmas, you realize
Can a man eat his cake and still have it?
Not even holy Jesus with all his miracles
Is that indiscipline

I traded my roars for howls
My muse for burgers
Creativity varnished
And I basked on vain glory;
Needless repetition of lines

And the stage director
Telling me to be like the rest
Conform with the trend
Deny my identity
Change my intonations and
My message to seduce the crowd.
It worked perfectly
I had the fame, yes,
Even the fortune
But deep down I wasn't happy
My heart was breaking
On the inside, I was dying

There and then I noticed and understood
that my foolishness was like Zee World; extraordinary every day.
Everything around me made me feel guilty,
Guilty of infidelity
It's true what they say that
You don't know what you have
Until you lose it

I overly cared for the crowd at my own expense
I was confusing them and I knew
Because two can't fall victim for a lie
He who lies knows he is lying
Yet I convinced myself to believe
I was convincing them
If only I knew
To be blinded by love is bad
To have your love blinded by ignorance is worse
But love blinded by ignorance plus arrogance
Leads to utter destruction

Just like Judas Iscariot I was betraying them, this time not with pieces of silver
but with lines carefully crafted into poetry I didn't even understand.

Pictures in frames, memories outlined, footsteps of old hovering around us.

Stories about how the old Poets can lecture you the best

Folktales are very essential in storytelling, haven't you heard?

So how can your teachers be the ones who play mind games with allusions? Grandma asked

How could she come in terms with the fact that modern civilization brings the beauty of the day old bride, poetry?

Her art, my art, our art are the same so seniors don't pick on us.

Maybe time was all I needed,
With every tick tock tick tock
Came a new outlook to life
Now I look at who I have become
And I hide my face behind the palm of my hands
I should have known
With time, I would get better
But maybe I was too little too late.

Now with every moment of regret
I bury in the sands of time,
I am always left wishing
"If only RIP could mean

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