The Age Of Information Is Awesome

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.
We are the bricks in the wall,
and flames spill from the cracks in the mortar.
A generation of warriors,
We hunger for knowledge.
You will find us hunting among the digital bookshelves,
chasing down dusty whispers of the scholars of old.
Weapons of choice, laptop and a #2 pencil,
we blast our problems away with 0.9 millimeter graphite.
Our desks are a battleground and online encyclopedias take our measurements so that we may get fitted with battle armor,
while books sharpen our minds.
And Sun Tzu will wipe the sweat from our hard brows while Aristotle and Machiavelli give us rousing pep talks to raise morale
We fight for the honor of of the ancients, they say
Maybe...maybe if Athena hears of our trials she will put the wind beneath our feet,
As we race to that next class, ace that next class.
The warriors of the world keep it’s classic history standing another strong day.
Brace yourselves,
Our tribe consists of all those from all edges of the compass.
We are the bricks from the Library of Alexandria before the flames erupted,
the bricks from the streets of Rome                                                                                                     
bricks from the walls of the Pyramids to the walls of Constantinople
We are the paths from the governments of old to the new,
We tilt the axis,
And unleash the teachings of scholars from the scratching of our pencils, the typing of our boards.
Forming new thinkers
Forming new words,
Venimus. Vidimus. Vicimus.
We. Are. Youth. Living in the Age of Information!

Behold the awesome.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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