Afterlife as a Reader


Many believe in afterlife, 

may it be heaven or hell. 

Some believe reincarnation 

relive as a doe or eagle.

But I, as a reader, 

believe my afterlife is, 

Running through the halls of a castle, 

my prince to be chasing me. 

Laughter echoes through the floors,

 to the catacombs below. 

Glazing in my house out upon the mountains, 

of Velaris, holding my mate close, 

 as we watch Starfall. 

His wings keep the cold from touching my skin. 

Holding onto my dragon’s wild mane, 

as he soars high above the clouds. 

Ever so high, I feel as if I’m grounded. 

Dark alleyways and stealth become my lifestyle, as I slay my enemies, 

to be the most feared assassin, 

little knowing, 

I’m a lost princess of a forever kingdom. 

Riding on a train to a place, 

that feels like home. 

A member of the four houses. 

The first feeling of magic in my wand

 as a I shout some latin words. 

Knowing I am of a goddess descendant, 

and I will have to hold the world,

 in my little hands as atlas sits now. 

To learn the dance of order and swords, 

as I fall in love with the a man,

 that could never be mine. 

Afterlife as a reader is the worlds, 

 you escape to every time you open, 

a tattooed, shredded paper binded together,

 with love and string. 

This is the afterlife I choose. 


-R.J. Ann 


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